Checklist & Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a Rafting Trip?  Here’s what you need to know.

Below is a list of common question from our rafting guests. If you don’t find all the answers you need here please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • In warm weather: a swimsuit or shorts and quick-drying shirts are best. A baseball cap, visor, or sunglasses are helpful in bright, sunny weather. Old sneakers or water shoes offer the best foot protection. Flip flops, loose-fitting sandals, “crocs” and bare feet are not permitted. Snug-fitting sandals (likeTevas) that attach firmly to the toe and heel are acceptable but don’t offer the same foot protection against sharp rocks as old sneakers or water shoes do. We carry water shoes in our store!
  • In cooler weather: long underwear, a fleece jacket, or a wool sweater is ideal to wear under our wetsuits. Avoid wearing cotton. Cotton, when wet, loses all insulation value and will make you colder, not warmer. A ski-type cap is helpful in colder weather, such as in early April or late October.
  • (Wetsuits and waterproof paddling gear can be rented at our rafting base.)

We have gear available to keep you comfortable in all weather (wetsuits and splash gear). We never cancel rafting trips. We promise you’ll get wet rain or shine!

Many of our Adirondack rafting river guests are first-timers, no previous rafting experience is required. Just bring a fun attitude and a smile!

The Hudson River Gorge is a 16 mile run through the pristine Adirondack wilderness. Including our riverside lunch break, we are on the river for roughly 4 1/2 hours.

No! Whitewater rafting is an active paddling sport. Each guest should expect to paddle. Like all whitewater rivers, there are serene periods of calm between rapids and this can be more pronounced in summer but even in calm stretches of the river, there are obstacles along the way which require guest participation and paddling.

Rapids are rated from Class I (easiest) to Class V (most challenging). Class VI is considered not navigable. The Hudson River varies from Class IV & V in early spring to Class III+ during the warmer months, dam released water provides very reliable whitewater all summer! Most guests will find Class III+ whitewater pegs their fun meter just fine!

We sign in guests at 9 AM. Depending on river levels we are usually done around 3 PM.

The minimum age for our summer trips is 8 provided the child is with a family group. During the spring we suggest ages 16+ in April, 10+ in May.

Please Note * our largest PFDs can accommodate chest and waist measurements up to approximately 56″.

To go rafting, you should be healthy enough to participate in periods of strenuous physical activity and capable of getting back in the raft with the assistance of a companion should you fall out. If you have excessive weight for your height or have a disability that would hinder or prevent you from getting back into the raft, we do not recommend this trip for you.

Our rafting trip takes us into a very remote area where there is no emergency vehicle access. When making your reservation, it is absolutely necessary to inform Adirondac Rafting Company of any medical condition, physical or mental disability, or allergy that may require special attention or accommodations. If you have questions about particular conditions please call an Adirondac Rafting Company representative at (518) 523-1635.

It depends on how far along you are. If you are pregnant we strongly suggest not whitewater rafting beyond your first trimester. At Adirondac Rafting Company we love moms, we know you agree and we appreciate your cooperation!

We love to share the beauty and excitement of our rivers with everyone, regardless of their disabilities. Our staff is patient, compassionate, and open to sharing new experiences with all our guests. While we can accommodate most conditions, it is always best to know this information in advance.

It is absolutely necessary that you let us know about your disability when making your reservations so that we can make the necessary accommodations to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for all participants.

Except during the high spring water, swimming ability is not required. On all of our trips, a type-5 coast guard rated PFD (personal floatation device) is worn at all times. We suggest you should be comfortable around water. Also, please remember that whitewater rafting is an active sport that requires some exertion on your part. The larger the rapids, the better your physical condition should be. Adirondac Rafting Company is proud of our perfect safety record thanks to our professional staff.

There are many places to stay after whitewater rafting. You can stay right near the river in Indian Lake or Lake George and Lake Placid are two popular destinations not far from our location. Check out our links page for lodging ideas and camping areas. You can also click on the local communities links for motels.

Yes, at Adirondac Rafting every raft will be guided by a licensed, experienced, and fun river guide.

If you have enjoyed a rafting experience and feel that your guide has provided excellent service in the areas of whitewater skill, enthusiasm and care with your group, general knowledge of the river and surrounding area, etc., then a gratuity is always appreciated.

Sizing of gratuities for whitewater river guides depends on many factors – these include, but are not limited to the length of the trip, the cost of the trip, and the level of whitewater on your trip.  A gratuity can be based on the number of people in your rafting party or by using a percentage formula based on the overall cost of the rafting trip.

Gratuities based on a per person basis might be $10-$20 per person for a full day rafting trip. Using a percentage formula, gratuities in the 15%-25% range of the full day trip cost are standard. Gratuities may range from that amount for certain demanding, expensive, and/or high-level day trips.

In the raft, bring as little as possible. Sunscreen and a smile. Towels, dry clothes, valuables, and non-waterproof cameras should be left locked in your car. Bring a small bag for your wet clothes at the end of the day.

Your vehicle will remain at our rafting center, and our free shuttle bus will take you to and from the river. We are located right where the trip begins, no long bus rides with us!

We have several different size rafts that are set up for various group sizes. We can generally accommodate 6 to 9 guests per raft. Please note that it is possible to reserve your own small private raft for groups of 2 – 5 guests.

You can reserve any number of guests. You can also add members to your group with advance notice if we have availability.

Yes, we have a comfortable river base with basic river supplies (long underwear, water shoes, wool socks, t-shirts, hats, visors, hoodies, sunglass straps, sunscreen) and various souvenirs. We also have pictures of your rafting trip available for viewing and purchase after your trip.

Please refer to your registration email for directions as we do not recommend using online GPS to find our cozy river base as cellular coverage in the Adirondacks can be very spotty and even nonexistent for some cellular users.  That being said, we are located at 6440 NY-30 (100 W. Main St.), Indian Lake, NY 12842.

Please call us @ (518) 523-1635, we’d be happy to answer any questions that you might have.